What Is Sleep Apnea Know The Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

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Do you suddenly get up and sit down while sleeping? Do you keep turning sideways while sleeping? Do you feel difficulty breathing while sleeping and your eyes open? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you should be careful. Because it is pointing to some serious disease. You may have this problem with sleep apnea. Let us know in detail about the symptoms, causes and treatment of sleep apnea. In this disease, the patient does not understand why his breath stopped while sleeping. This is similar to the way a snoring person himself does not know that he snores. It is a sleep disorder. In this, the patient keeps turning due to repeated breathlessness. Sometimes the breath stops sitting for long periods of time. Breathlessness is the problem for a few seconds. But sometimes it can be for a long time as well. What is Sleep Apnea When sleeping in obstructive sleep apnea, the airflow in the nose decreases. Because it fills the air in the nose and upper part of the mouth. There are three types of the disease, obstructive sleep apnea, central sleep apnea and complex sleep apnea. Obstructive Sleep Apnea: This is a common type of apnea. In this, the breathing problem starts due to the blockage in the air passage. According to one report, 90–96 percent of cases of sleep apnea are associated with it. Central Sleep Apnea: Breathing stops repeatedly in this disorder and starts on its own for a while. The reason for this is that the muscles do not get the proper signal from the brain. Complex Sleep Apnea: This disorder has symptoms of both obstructive sleep apnea and central sleep apnea. In this too, the patient has a problem of breathlessness while sleeping. Symptoms of Sleep Apnea Feeling restless at bedtime and snoring fast Feeling groggy and intermittent breathing Sudden chest pain and sweating Sleeping more during the day and staying drowsy throughout the day Frequent urination pressure Lack of concentration or head heavy Causes of Sleep Apnea According to the doctor, excess weight or enlargement of the throat (neck size should not be more than 17 inches). Decreased size of nose and throat from inside. This is due to the presence of tonsils or an increase in unnecessary tissue in the windpipe. If you consume alcohol or eat sleeping pills, it can also be a cause of sleep apnea. Decreased exercise along with junk food and increased table work also lead to sleep apnea in the long run. But in the midst of all this, you should not panic. Treatment of this disease is possible. But if you do not pay attention to it, then it can cause many diseases. Know what problems can occur due to sleep apnea. Treatment of Sleep Apnea A person suffering from this problem can be treated through polysomnography or sleep study. Initially, the EEG test, EKG test and oxygen test are done in this treatment. In another test, the patient does not need to go to the hospital. In this, a small watch-like device is placed in the fingers and arms of the patient’s hands. This device monitors the sleeping position of the person. On this basis, doctors start further treatment. Sleep Apnea medication Ambien(Zolpidem) 10mg Ambien(Zolpidem) works much faster than other medicines. After taking it, its effect starts in about 30 minutes and its effect reaches its peak in one hour. Its working time also depends on whether the patient took the extended-release version of the drug. We deliver the latest version of this medicine to your home at a very reasonable price, click on the link and get the medicine at your door. Ambien lupin 10mg Lypin 10mg Tablet improves your sleep quality as well as helps in treating many types of sleeping disorders. Lypin 10mg Tablet slows down brain activity to make you sleepy, making you feel relaxed and energetic. Lupin 10mg Tablet usually starts to affect your sleeping disorder within 7 to 10 days. To know more detail about Lypin 10mg Tablet.

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