What Is Insomnia? | Causes | Treatment

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Medical problems, stress, sleep disturbances after an unpleasant incident. -But in many people, this problem goes on for a long time, due to which the mental state is affected, we call it insomnia. -This is a type of psychiatric disorder, in which sleepiness is the main symptom. Secondary insomnia is called when sleep is due to any other medical problem or psychological disorder such as depression -Primary and secondary insomnia symptoms are somewhat similar. causes -Pre-sleep arrows. That is, the body gets excited at bedtime. The brain gets excited, due to which the heart rate increases, the breath starts getting faster, sweating. Due to these reasons, we are not able to relax. -The process of our sleep is associated with our non-sleeping behavior, such as lying on the bed, watching more mobile, watching TV, or going to bed with our problem. -Get more thoughts at bedtime symptoms -You are lying down but do not sleep Sleepy but eye-opening again and again -Let\’s go, but he got up even before the time was up. But when you want to sleep you can\’t sleep -When you\’re up in the morning, don\’t feel fresh Having trouble fulfilling other responsibilities If all these symptoms last more than a month or more than three days a week, then it is called Primary Insomnia Acute Level. – If these symptoms occur above six months, then it is called secondary insomnia. Now come to another important issue. We take it very lightly to not get sleep. But do you know what effect Insomnia has on your body and mind? How does not sleeping affect the body Sleep is very important for our immunity -As soon as our sleep problem starts, our body shows side effects. -Such as fatigue throughout the day, weakness -No mind at work -Body and mind both look tired – Head starts getting heavier, eyes start getting heavier – Frequent fever, convulsions -TB, Sugar Increase, BP Increase -The biggest side effect is on the mind. As soon as you do not sleep you feel that you are getting irritable, anger is getting more. You start having depression. Psychotic episodes begin to occur. – Confusion starts, seizures start. Hospitalization has to be done if the condition worsens. Treatment -If the primary is insomnia, then we should increase our sleep hygiene habit – Start sleeping like a fixed time. Try 10-15 minutes before that time you go to bed -When you go to the bedroom, try taking a shower -Bedroom should be clean -Bedsheet should be clean, smell be good There is no light in the room, there are dark-colored curtains -Don\’t sound Turn off the mobile, turn off the TV for one to one and a half hours before sleeping. Don\’t be blue light Take warm milk at night -Dry Fruits Eat fruits like bananas, cherries -Divert the mind before sleeping – count the count for that, breathing exercise can do – Exercise the sham a little so that the body is weary. -If you go to sleep and do not sleep in bed for 15 minutes, then try to get up from bed -Order you read a book or move to another room -When you start sleeping then come to bed again -If Insomnia is due to depression or some other mental illness, then work on it So if you are not feeling sleepy. Feels tired, yet you are not able to sleep. If you are sleeping, you can\’t get enough sleep. Do not ignore all these things. Talk to someone Meet a doctor And get help. Learn more- https://tramadol100mgonline.com/category/sleep-aid

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