Weekend Getaway In Lexington
Submitted by Escape Room | June 24, 2021 | Entertainment
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A weekend consists of Saturday and the Sunday that comes after it. Sometimes Friday evening is also considered to be part of the weekend. The weekend is the time when most people in different countries do not go to work or school. My friends and I were planning to spend time together this weekend. We all are so excited since it has been a long time that we didn’t get time to be together. During our teenage years we often got together whether it is the weekend or not, but now that we’ve become adults and engaged with different kinds of jobs, we don’t have time for each other though we still keep in touch. So, my friends and I headed down for a weekend getaway. Lexington has many places to offer that you could drive down to: Taylor Made Horse Farm The first Day after dropping off our bags at our Vacation Rental, we drove 15 minutes out of town to the Taylor Made Horse Farm for a pre-arranged private tour of their grounds. The farm was everything we had envisioned. It had a wide-open space. After a great time, we took our leave. We felt like we needed some relaxation and fresh air and decided to walk around the street. After our fun-filled day, we did what girls do on a girls’ weekend; we had a drink while catching up on each other’s lives, and we indulged ourselves with whatever junk food we desired. It was wonderful. Downtown Lexington and Mesa Loca On the second Day, our plan was centered on discovering all downtown Lexington. We walked around the streets and explored as much as we could. Some of my friends were busy taking pictures and selfies. We also went shopping, and all of us bought a new dress for dinner. After shopping, we went to a beauty parlor and pampered ourselves. Then, we went home and got ready for dinner at Mesa Loca, a Mexican restaurant in Hyde Park Square that offers boldly flavored, shareable plates along with tequila and wine in a colorful dining room and lounge. It was a nice place with beautiful decorations, and the food was super delicious as well. Escape Room- Countdown Games So after dinner, we went to Countdown Games, an escape room to close our weekend getaway. I had done a couple of escape rooms before, but it was the first time for my friends. I was blown away by the scale and quality of Countdown. They had a lot of fun games and puzzles. We had like 60 minutes to solve the game and then escape. We had a lot of fun. To conclude, we had one of the most memorable weekends, and it was such a great experience. We’ve built a stronger friendship bond.

Escape Room

Submitted by: Escape Room

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