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What is radiation? Is there any difference between radiation and therefore the electromagnetic field of radiation? These are some basic questions concerned with radiation. Radiations are generally high energy subatomic particles emitted from a central point or source of extremely high energy which causes the ionization process.

For example, radiations are produced from the universal source of energy or the sun. We admire these radiations as these are very beneficial to us undoubtedly for instance, in physiotherapy, yoga and are ethical in many ancient ways in which tells about the advantages of the sun radiations.

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On the opposite hand, Electromagnetic Fields are created thanks to the mobility of the electrical charges. generally, the rationale for the assembly of EMF radiations is that the voltage difference. Greater the present, greater is going to be resultant magnetic flux and vice-versa. An electromagnetic field also occurs even within the absence of mobility of a current. If the present flows, the magnetic flux strength will change with the facility consumed, while the electrical field intensity is going to be an equivalent.

Residential Exposure and Radiation Protection Products
Electromagnetic fields were brought out by the WHO Regional Office for Europe in 1999. Radiations are always remaining present within the surrounding. But are invisible to the human eye that’s why we aren’t ready to see them with naked eyes. Radiation is often good also as bad for our health.

Basically, two sorts of electromagnetic fields are documented i.e. non-ionizing electromagnetic field and ionizing electromagnetic field. Non-ionizing EMF is capable of breaking down the molecular bonds, for instance -gamma rays, x-rays, cosmic rays, etc.

But the ionizing EMF isn’t capable of doing that, for instance -manmade sources of electromagnetic fields like electricity and microwave.

Various sorts of electromagnetic smog also are utilized in the transmission of knowledge. Magnetic fields aren’t shielded with common materials as these fields are capable of passing through them. Both the electrical and magnetic fields are extremely strong on the brink of the source but mitigate with space. the bulk of electrical power gets operated with a frequency of 50–60 cycles per second. the typical residential power frequency of electromagnetic fields in homes is extremely low.

Effects of Electromagnetic fields radiations
Electromagnetic fields with various frequencies constitute one among the fastest-growing climatic influences, which causes unease and conjecture. These EM fields have extremely adverse health consequences to animals also as a citizenry .

Long term effect:-
The majority of researches is concentrated on childhood leukemia as an extended-term effect by magnetic fields. IARC announced that the magnetic fields are ‘possibly carcinogenic to humans’. Childhood Leukemia may be a very rare disease with the entire number of cases once a year, which is alleged to be about 49,000 globally, in 2000. Various other harmful effects even have been studied for possible concern with magnetic fields.

Short term effects:-
EMF causes various biological effects from high-level exposure to those radiations that are proven by scientific mechanisms. Basically, the magnetic fields induce current by penetrating into the body at high field intensity.

These cause changes in nerve and muscle stimulation. And also changes within the neuron stimulation to the central systema nervosum. Headache, depression, nausea, weak system, annoyance, and vomiting are some basic samples of short term effects.

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