Things to Know Before Visiting Morocco for the First Time

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Morocco is a place that has a rich history. The landscape, the culture, and the tradition would mesmerize you. The vibrant Atlas Mountain to the endless market, the place is a diverse one. And with Morocco excursions, this place would capture your heart. It has a unique beauty in itself that would call you every time. And if you love boho, this place would be shopping heaven for you. And here are some things that you should know before your first visit to Morocco.

• Languages Spoken: You would get to hear all sorts of language there. From English, French, Berber and other such languages. On a daily basis, you would find people speaking Arabic, Moroccan while there are other indigenous languages as well. When you go for the official setting, you would get to hear Standard Arabic or even French. English is increasingly becoming a popular language there.

• Currency: The Moroccan cash is the dirham. And one US Dollar would be 11 dirhams. The traveling budget would depend on how you would like to travel. Whether you love luxury or keep things minimal. And with Morocco excursions, average spending would be $40 for a person per day. The major transactions are always done in cash. Therefore when you would be traveling you should ensure that you collect cash. This would help you avoid any kind of hassle.

• Clothing: When you are in Morocco, you should opt for loose-fitting clothes. Be sure that you are always covering your shoulder and knees. If necessary carry shawls. Maxi skirts would be ideal for warm sunny temperatures and would show respect as well. And in turn, you would surely be treated with respect. A shawl would be an ideal thing to carry with which you could cover shoulders, tie hair or cover head. This would depend on the type of adventure you would be embarking you.

• Getting Around: You could go to city-hopping on trains. And if you are traveling solo and you are a female. Then you would be booked on a female-only cabin. The trains are comfy and this would be a comfortable ride. It would be a safe one as well. Forgoing from one place to another within a city, a taxi would be a great option. Thus, while Morocco excursions you would be having a great time.

Thus, these are some of the things to know when you would be traveling for the first time to Morocco.

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