SEO Trends in 2020 | 5 Effective SEO Trends For 2020

Submitted by Piama Media Labs | February 15, 2021 | Business

First is to have a secure website with a security certificate. If you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website then it will be a disadvantage with regards to the rankings. But in 2020 essentially Google at some point will most likely stop ranking websites that are not secure. So what is a secure website and what is an SSL certificate? So essentially what it is is a third-party organization that is certifying that the information on your website is secure and that the information is encrypted for your users.
So to actually get an SSL or security certificate it’s simple and you can actually get a free one from organizations like open SSL. So once you do this what will happen is that your URLs will begin with HTTPS instead of HTTP. This ensures your website is secure and it increases trust with your users so there have been advances exponentially with regards to site security and this will continue to advance in the future and it will be more simple as time goes on. But for right now having a secure website HTTP with a security certificate is mandatory for 2020.

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