Key Techniques Of Hydroponic Flower Culture

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Hydroponics is a new technology of high efficiency agriculture. It has the advantages of high efficiency, good quality, low cost (about one tenth of soil culture), simple management, environmental protection and sanitation, and is the trend and development direction of plant cultivation technology in the future. The technical points are as follows: 1.Adapt to varieties. The female and neutral flowers suitable for indoor cultivation generally like the sun is sufficient and can grow normally in the shade. For example Milan, rose, junziland, bamboo, tulip, etc., for ornamental vegetables such as miniature tomatoes, colorful pepper, etc. These varieties are easy to cultivate and manage, and everyone can cultivate successfully. 2.Container selection. Large scale can be used in transparent art bottles or flowerpots. Beginners can use a bottle of canned or jam. It is easy to use the fixtures with good artistic shape and low cost instead of the planting column, such as sponge and foam. 3.Soil culture was transformed into water culture. The height of the seedlings purchased or collected in the market shall not be less than 10 cm. The root system shall be cleaned directly in water, and unhealthy roots shall be cut off for standby. Add natural water into the clean bottle, and do not be too full. 500 ml of water shall be dropped into 3 ml of nutrient solution, and the seedlings shall be fixed and put into the bottle. If you are now selling big seedlings, put two goldfish in the water to add creativity, which is a beautiful potted view with high ornamental value. 4.Water management. One month is suitable period, also called domestication period, 70% of root system is suitable in water. Generally, water should be replaced once in one to two months, and nutrient solution should be added once, and the root system should be properly weighted in water. When water drops appear at the tip of the leaves, the water level should be lowered properly. 5.Pay attention to the problem. (1) the room must be kept at a temperature between 15-30 ℃; (2) when using nutrient solution, it is advisable to be thin and not thick; (3) the production seedlings must be close to the sunny place of doors and windows; (4) it is advisable to make the height of the present sale big seedlings flowers at about 30 cm. 6.Business skills. The production site takes up an old house. Varieties can be arranged in three dimensions. The collection of natural wild flowers in mountainous areas does not require nursery investment. Plain areas can grow easily managed flowers in their own fields. Such as marigold, Petunia, four seasons red, etc. If the method of fast propagation by water is adopted, one seedling can be multiplied by more than ten times. 15 days later, add nutrient solution directly, that is, a pot of hydroponics. For long-term sale of seedlings, urban residents can buy big seedlings directly in the flower market and buy some containers for sale.

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