Is There An App That Delivers Medicine?

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Healthcare sector transformed the lives of patients and healthcare providers. Before it was just a type of dream that pharmacies would be able to provide you doorstep medicines through a medicine app. Medicines can now be delivered with a prescription. Aayu App is Best app for online doctor consultation through which you can get consultation with a team of around 5000+ specialist doctors according to your category. You can go for consultation form three icons which appear in the topmost corner from there you have to select the person you want to have consultation then select its gender after completion of these steps you can get a call from that specialist doctor which best suits your category within 30 to 45 minutes. After consultation is being completed you get a prescription from that doctor after which you can order medicine from a nearby medical store. So it is also a medicine app. They will provide you doorstep delivery within the time limit they will give you on the app. Once order is accepted by the pharmacy you can chat with them also or call them to know the status of your order. You can also get some deals offered from pharmacies according to pharmacies which accept your order on some health related products. If your problem is not curable on call then the doctor will call you to visit his clinic or nearby hospital to get better diagnosis and treatment of your problem. Benefits of order medicine online: Cost Effective: After taking Online doctor consultation Online pharmacies will deliver you medicines in nominal rates. These rates are cost effective. More Convenient: For those who have busy lifestyle it is good option because you do not have to go outside to buy medicines. You will get them at home. You have Choice: As a lot medical stores are delivering medicines so you have choice of where to buy from. You not have to feel embarrass: After taking consultation while Buying Medicines you feel embarrass while buying some type of medicines. Hassle Free: Not everyone loves shopping and roaming here and there and you will be stress free if you purchase medicines online after taking consultation with doctor. Expertise in that field: Online Pharmacist will be fully professional who take care of customer needs. If you check that online pharmacy from where you are buying medicine is a certified pharmacy. They will also give you medical advice which will be beneficial for you

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Aayu App provides online doctor consultation from 5000+ specialist doctors in less than 15 minutes. Online medicine order with a single click!

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