Is BCA Signage License A Thing For You?

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Once you are all set with your signage, signboards, you need to make it visible to convey your presence. This might require you to put up various kinds of outdoor banners, hoardings, signboards, posters. To keep its beautiful cityscape intact, Singapore has some strict regulation on using outdoor signage or signboards, put up for advertising. You will need to get a license to display an outdoor advertising sign or signage.

Exceptional Cases when Signage is not Required
• Single signboard or a total of related signboards that do not exceed 5 m2 in total size
• Signboards displayed on any stall within a hawker centre, food centre or market
• Signboards displayed on any underpass, tunnel or mass rapid transit station

BCA Signage Application Process
So, by now, you should get an idea if you need a BCA signage License or not. The process for the BCA signage application begins by registering Advertising Licensing System by creating an account. The following steps for BCA signage license application:

• Submit your proposal to BCA for consultation and evaluation (Submit a request online via ALS, together with the documents required for application)
• If you compile with all the guidelines, in-principle approval will be given.
• Then you will need to make payment at formal application, and the soft copy will be sent to you.

In the above process, after you are given in-principle approval, you will need a Permit to Use if you have signage with the structure above 10M. In that case, you will need to apply through the CORNET E-Submission System.

BCA License Renewal Process
However, if you are a business, that is already up and running. Or if you wish to know what happens after you get a license. If you are required to do a renewal of signage structure permit? Yes, you are required to renew your permit annually. These are the following documents needed to do so:

• Letter of consent from the building owner and landowner, Management Corporation, HDB and Town Council, where applicable, on the sign’s continual display.
• Declaration letter of sign remaining unchanged.
• The Licensee is required to send in the renewal request personally, via email. Alternatively, the Licensee can authorize someone to send in the request, with the Licensee’s authorization letter.
• Upon approval, the payment for the application fee must be made via Advertisement Licensing System (ALS) by the stipulated payment due date.

Please visit the official BCA website and also have a look at the URA website. Take this article only as a guideline and check the official sites before applying as rules might change over time.

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Submitted by: Mohammed Yusri

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