How To Begin A Self Storage Business?

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Self Storage Business Singapore has gained much acclamation worldwide. Limited space and wish to live in a clutter-free atmosphere drive people to relocate their extra belongings to these temporal storage units. People tend to rent storage units if they plan to renovate their houses or are moving somewhere else. Even offices can avail the advantages of the self-storage system.

Areas to Focus

We have combined essential steps that will help you to establish your self storage business successfully.

Plan your Business

A written and detailed planning of your business is the step you should follow. Details of your market research, the services you offer, financial layout, your objects, and the like should be documented.

Learn the immediate market

You need to be far-sighted if you are planning to come up with a new business. So, do thorough research about the current market and the demands of extra space storage in your area. At times, there exist enough services to fulfil the rising demands. In such cases, your business may not bloom the way you wanted to. Also, you need to be aware of the similar services that can become your potential competitor.

Budget Planning is Must

Your budget plan will depend on the size of the self storage business. If you want to run a small, part-time facility, your inception cost will be relatively lower. If you are planning to set up a larger business, the sunk costs will automatically rise. Include the costs of hosting a website and for promotion and advertisements in the budget plan. Decide if you are planning to open a document storage service or just units for home items.

Competitor analysis

It is improbable that you will be the one and only one in your locality which provides self storage services. You need to know your prospective competitors. Where are they located? How much do they charge? What facilities do they provide? What is their weak point in customer service? All these things must be researched and analyzed to position yourself differently in the market. Competitor analysis can also provide you insights regarding how you can switch to your storage from a competitor.

Have a backup ready

While planning, be ready for the eventual pitfalls. Have a list of all the possible things that can go wrong and create a specific plan to combat each of them.


These are some of the strategies you need to follow to drive your self-storage business successfully. You need to be aware and strategically use that awareness to leverage in the self storage service market.

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Submitted by: Mohammed Yusri

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