Here’s How You Can Have Holiday Visitation Right In Child Custody Disputes

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The separation from your children is one of the most painful aspects of a divorce. For most cases, the parent providing the majority of the child support is not the custodial parent. Often, this is the parent who usually doesn’t get to see the kid for any of the major holidays. So here’s how a non-custodial parent can get their equal share of holiday visiting time.

First, inform your child custody attorney that your ex-spouse is not allowing you to have your fair share of holiday visitation. You must allow at least two months ahead of time to get a court hearing to settle this problem. A court will not consider these grounds to give you an emergency hearing.

Secondly, if you are representing yourself, ask for mediation services at your local courthouse. Many times mediation may prevent the need for a court day. But going in without legal help can damage your case most often.

Third, you may want to file a motion for temporary relief. You want to file a motion with the court requesting visitation. If you do not have a legal counselor & you are uncomfortable with handling this process on your own many states allow paralegals to assist you in completing the forms. But with their workload, you’ll be better off consulting a child custody attorney.

Lastly, keep your cool, don’t blow up. More good can be accomplished with a few kind words. Most important, don’t argue in front of your children. Keeping your cool is the safest way to handle a stressful situation. Always let your child/children know that you love them & do not use them if you are angry with your ex.

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