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Hair Transplantation
Hair Transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves removing the healthy hair follicles from the back portion of the scalp and incorporating them on the bald areas. It is an effective way to get back the lost hair and at the same time have a scalp fuller with hair. Hair transplantation is a small outpatient and minimally invasive surgery with immense benefits for people who are losing their hair.
Who can undergo hair transplantation?
Hair loss may occur at any age. It is not a gender specific problem. Although male pattern baldness is more common, women also suffer from hair loss and hair thinning. However, women rarely undergo complete baldness.
If hair loss is occurring at a young age it could become really problematic. The person loses his confidence and sometimes the personal and professional growth comes to halt. Therefore, the ideal candidates for hair transplantation could be anyone suffering from hair loss, hair thinning, receding hair line, and partial or complete baldness.
Importance of prompt hair transplant solutions
The faster you get the treatment, the more beneficial it would be. It is advised to consult a renowned hair surgeon once you start noticing hair fall more than the normal, bald patches or receding hairline. These are the initial symptoms of hair loss issue that can be cured in an early stage with an effective hair transplant solution to prevent baldness.
Something that starts with receding hairline leads to complete baldness after a few years. Therefore, it is very important to consult the best hair transplant doctor. It will help to conceal the hair thinning or baldness and get back the lost confidence.
Out of so many solutions to cover up the baldness, hair transplantation is a permanent one. The two most effective procedures that fall under hair transplantation are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).
What is Follicular Unit Transplantation?
FUT, also called a strip procedure, is an effective hair restoration technique in which a strip is removed from the scalp’s posterior part. It is then dissected into individual follicular units or grafts that are transplanted in the bald areas one by one.
The hair surgeon uses special medical equipment for the removal and insertion of the hair follicles. Tiny holes are made with the help of fine needles in the bald areas for inserting the extracted hair follicles. Local anesthesia is given prior to reducing the level of discomfort or pain during the surgery.
What is Follicular Unit Extraction?
FUE is similar to FUT with the only difference that in FUE, individual follicles are extracted instead of the entire strip. Herein, the scalp is made numb with the help of local anesthesia. Later with the help of special instruments, hair follicles are extracted one by one and transplanted in the bald areas.

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