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One of the best doctors in India, Dr. Varun Kumar is famous for his laser treatment for piles. He treats thousands of patients with this treatment every year and is trusted by many to be a good doctor to deal with such conditions. A similar treatment using lasers has also been used by him in the past. However, he believes that in this age, even traditional methods can be used. In his opinion, laser treatment for piles by Dr. Varun Kumar can only be termed as an intermediate procedure. “This laser treatment for piles by Dr. Varun Kumar is a very mild procedure which requires only local anesthesia to be applied on the affected areas of the patients. The most important advantage of this procedure is that it is very effective. However, precautions should be taken by both the patient and the doctor before undergoing such a procedure. It is better to consult your family physician before going for this kind of laser treatment,” says Sushil Kumar, consultant at a private clinic in Bangalore who has treated many patients with piles using this laser technique. However, there are certain disadvantages in this laser treatment for piles. First of all, it is quite expensive. Laser treatment for piles is conducted by a renowned laser treatment center. However, since this is a specialized treatment, it requires time to zero in on a specific problem and to treat it effectively. This is the reason why most people tend to get repeat treatments within a few months. Another disadvantage of this laser treatment for piles is that it is quite painful. The pain felt during a laser treatment is actually similar to that felt during a regular surgical procedure. However, as this is a specialized treatment, some of the pain can be reduced using topical anesthetics. The patient will also have to take some medication prior to and after the laser treatment. Since laser treatment for piles works by using a carbon dioxide laser, it can be quite painful. Hence, it is important that the patient is properly monitored and does not experience pain while undergoing the procedure. In such cases, dilating the laser or changing the laser prescription may help. There are times when the patient experiences burning and itching post-treatment. This will also subside once the piles heal. Dr. Varun Kumar’s laser treatment for piles, the patient undergoes a laser treatment followed by a general anesthesia. The piles are then treated using a special solution containing aluminum chloride. After completing the procedure, most patients are sent home with directions as to how they should look after themselves. However, there are times when patients do require additional medication to make sure that they do not develop any infections. As is the case with many laser treatments, the results for piles are not permanent. In fact, most patients only treat their existing condition and never need to undergo another procedure. For others who want to get rid of their piles completely, other methods are often required. Dr. Varun Kumar is not the only best piles doctor in the city though. Dr. Varun Kumar is certified and is well trained in the operation of laser surgery. This treatment is much gentler on the body, compared to traditional laser treatments. Dr. Varun Kumar is the best piles doctor in Bangalore.

Nidi soma

Submitted by: Nidi soma

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