Cro And Its Importance In An Inbound Marketing Project

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CRO and its importance in an inbound marketing project CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is the set of techniques that aim to increase the number of visitors to a website that convert into registrations or customers. It is, therefore, a key strategy for online marketing and, specifically, for inbound marketing, since achieving the best conversion rate of visits, initially anonymous, to potential customers with names, surnames and, above all, email address to follow up is the real success of this type of project. The 6 phases of CRO CRO is therefore a strategy that seeks to optimize the conversion of users into registrations or customers. This process is divided into 6 fundamental phases: 1)Identification and analysis of the problem. Through the analysis of our website we try to determine which aspects can be improved to increase the conversion rate. For example, the problem may be a premature abandonment of our website by users or a high bounce rate. 2) Putting forward a hypothesis Once we have analyzed all the information from an exhaustive and critical analysis of the different factors related to the visits to our website, it is time to establish a working hypothesis. For example, perhaps the problem is that we have not chosen the right keywords and, as a result, our visitors are abandoning our page because it does not match what they are really looking for. 3) Performing tests The third phase of the CRO process consists of running tests that allow us to verify our hypothesis. 4) Propose solutions In view of the test results, it is time to propose improvements to the website, for example, rethinking the keywords chosen or changing some element of the page: the landing page design, a form, some images, etc. 5) Analysis of the results obtained with the improvements Once the improvements have been implemented, it is necessary to check if they are having an effect, that is, if we manage to improve the conversion rate, using the most appropriate indicators. 6) Implement a continuous improvement circuit To achieve the best results with a CRO strategy, it is advisable not to close the project once some failures have been detected and solved, but to implement a continuous improvement circuit to identify other errors or points for improvement. The importance of CRO in an inbound marketing project The main value that a CRO strategy can bring to an inbound marketing project is precisely the idea of continuous improvement. The goal of conversion optimization must be ambitious and sustained over the long term, since the success of such a project does not lie in achieving many conversions quickly, but in achieving a progressive growth of this percentage over a long period of time. In addition, the changes originated in a CRO process allow us to adapt our website to new market trends in terms of content and design, as well as to the new requirements of Google and the factors that help us to climb positions in a natural or organic way.

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