Are Titanium Rings Scratch Resistant?

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You will agree that rings comprise the chief accessory for everyone irrespective of any gender. Whether it is an engagement ring or wedding ring or simply a ring to make style statements, you will find a wide variety of rings available to fulfil different purposes. Most common metals used to design rings are silver, platinum, gold however if you want to go for something different then how about trying rings made from titanium? With excellent designs, titanium rings makes exquisite jewellery collections for both men and women. You simply can’t resist buying some amazing collection made from indestructible metal while visiting a titanium shop. If you are worried whether this metal is safe, then yes indeed it is safe and scratch resistant.

Do you know that titanium is known for its hypoallergenic actions; it means the body does not produce hypersensitive reactions like allergies and rashes when you wear titanium. Titanium rings are scratch resistant and makes for a life-time accessories. The reason to choose titanium is that this fantastic metal is very compatible with your body and thus body systems do not detect it as a foreign substance. Since it is biocompatible it gets used in dentistry as well neurological implantations. When all internal body functions remain unhindered by modifying with titanium, can there be any threat with titanium ring in decking your fingers.

Reason for scratch resistance is such high compatibility. It is because of titanium forming insoluble oxide when kept in the atmosphere of oxygen that it can resist reacting with other substances. The film of oxide is highly impermeable thus does not allow to react. Due to this inertness, it can withstand the adverse physiological environment. When you wear a titanium ring on your finger with titanium ring a blanket of oxygen active titanium oxide forms at the surface which makes it unreactive with any elements. Thus it is perfect to wear for everyone, especially for those having sensitive skin.

Titanium ring is scratch resistant because it has excellent corrosion resistance properties. When it is scratched or machined, the surface forms a protective oxide layer almost instantaneously. This accounts for the reason why it does not lose its colour by tarnishing like gold or silver does.

Titanium is known for its strength and durability making it a great choice for a ring. Thus indeed it is more resistant to dents and scratching than other metals as well.

TATIAS is the only company who is running titanium related jewelry chain stores in South Korea. TATIAS takes time to develop and bring products to market. Each and every piece of TATIAS titanium jewelry must be fit tested before declared fit for sale.

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