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What is aircon general service? Surecool provides general service at a reasonable price. Before that, we need to know why we are doing general service for aircon? If you expect your aircon to continuously perform well, so you need to do the general service. When you don’t get a general service, it can be caused inside the aircon such as not proper cooling, water leakage from your aircon, aircon making noise, etc. But all these problems can be avoided with the general service. Aircon service prices UNITS PRICE DETAILS 1 unit 30$ 2 units 50$ 3 units 75$ 4 units 100$ BOOK AN APPOINTMENT What to do in Aircon General Service? Our technical team will fully check and clean the air filter and cover in your aircon. Our team will inspect the dust and clogs in your aircon and clean it properly We clean the blockages in your water tray and drainage pipe for your air-conditioner We also have a 30-day workmanship warranty for general service. Benefits of general service? Lost efficiency will be recovered. Lifespan of the unit will be prolonged. Your comfort will be increased. Your unit will cost less to operate. Reduced major aircon repair cost What problems arise if the general service is not done? Reduced the cooling level Water leakage Dirt and dust from of into the aircon Making some noise There is a possibility of significant aircon problems The cost will be increased to solve the major problem

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