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Pastor Keion Henderson Leadership program is an application provided by using the Henderson Area Chamber of Commerce to any involved citizen who lives or works in Henderson or is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The motive of Leadership Henderson is to provide corporate management education to motivate and encourage civic leaders, and to establish personal management traits and abilities within individuals. Aspirants for Business Leadership Program are introduced to the country, state and city officials, and administrators, network leaders and network forums and commissions. Leadership skill subjects are taught with lively participation along with numerous discipline trips. Every graduate, is encouraged to actively make a contribution to the Keion Henderson areas’ boom and future.

During the program, students obtained extra than 30 hours of professional leadership development schooling and met with Southern Nevada’s decision-makers to study Henderson’s key topics and infrastructure. The Organizational Leadership program works to strengthen and train community leaders through offering members with in-depth insights into a ramification of troubles impacting residents of Henderson and Southern Nevada.

 What is included in a business leadership program offered by Pastor Keion Henderson?

The Keion Executive Leadership Program is a 12-month or 1-year course. It is designed to hike up leadership skills, effectiveness and individual performance of all participants.
By participating in this Business Leadership Program, you will:
 Able to understand the nature and dynamics of business leadership.
 Able to identify behaviours and situational factors required to enhance your future outcomes.
 Able to establish a framework needed for analysis and take action for your leadership challenges.
 Able to extend your leadership experience and skills along with getting influenced towards the practical applications.

 What is a Leadership Henderson?

The Henderson Chamber of Commerce Foundation is a nonprofit enterprise established to manage and distribute funds and sources to in addition the development of the community through activities which can be entirely charitable, instructional, and scientific. The Foundation is answerable for the advent and achievement of the Leadership Henderson program. For more information on the Leadership Henderson program, contact at https://www.keionhenderson.com/. You can also register for this organizational leadership online by filling up the required details along sending the application fee through debit or credit card.

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