8 Things You Must Know About SEO

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For lots of individuals, the internet is presently one of the most reliable sources of income. Therefore, it is very important for them to have an online presence in the digital market. Making your own website for your business or organization is not enough. It does not guarantee immediate turnover and financial success, Following are the most important things you must know about SEO. If you focus on these techniques you will definitely improve your search rankings without being paying penalty to Google.

@1. Remove the posts which slow down your website:-
#1 Nowadays, page speed is considered as a critical factor.
#2 A slow page can discourage the sure and sometimes may also frustrate the user experience from buying your product.
#3 Remove all non-essential elements from your website that slows down your website.

@2. Link to other websites with relevant content:-
#1 On every page of your website, you should add some articles of other sections too so that the users can check out on that website.
#2 Make sure that, the links which are connected to your website should be relevant to the every web page on your website.
#3 Link building is considered as a fundamental part of smart SEO strategy.

@3. Avoid duplicate content:-
#1 Your content in your website should be unique it should not be copied from other websites.
#2 So try to avoid duplicate content throughout your site as Google will give half of the importance to your site and might also even ban it from their search engines.
#3 Thus, the more unique content you will have on your web page the more important Google will think it is.

@4. Avoid too many keywords:-
#1 Avoid filling your web page with too many keywords.
#2 If so many keywords are there on your web page then the search engine will mark it as a spam.
#3 So try to keep minimum keyword on your web page.

@5. Adding text with images and videos:-
#1 You may add pictures and videos to your content so that it is easy for the readers to understand.
#2 Search engines do not read pictures and videos but read the text along with it.
#3 Adding text with images and videos makes the readers understand in a better way and helps them a lot.

@6. Single domain name:-
#1 Try not to create too many websites on the internet for your projects, events, interests and much more.
#2 So you should keep it all under one roof preferably with one domain name.
#3 Domain name means a unique address of a computer on the internet.

@7. Content is king:-
#1 Always remember that content is king but only a good content rules.
#2 Not only just people search for good content but the search engine also searches for good content.
#3 So, you should write only that content which connects you with your customers.

@8. Forget black hat SEO tactics:-
#1 This SEO technique involves the use of illegal techniques to achieve the same objective, high ranking.
#2 Those who practice black-hat SEO break Google’s rules to achieve raise their website’s rank.
#3 It may seem to bear faster results but the disadvantages are too many.

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Shalini Khurana

Submitted by: Shalini Khurana

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