5 Easy Ways To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

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According to a study, erectile dysfunction is found in men between 40 and 70 years old. Such problems occur due to vascular, neurological diseases, diabetes, or prostate surgery. Apart from these, it can also be caused by the side effects of medicines. About 75 percent of men suffer from erectile dysfunction due to these reasons. Erectile dysfunction is a problem in which the penis is not stimulated enough for sexual intercourse. What is the cause of impotence or lack of erection in the penis? There are several reasons for erectile dysfunction. Sometimes coexistence can occur for one or two reasons. When the penis is fully erect, it is filled with blood, but the outlet for blood flow is closed. Causing rigidity. If these outlets or veins remain open, how much blood enters the penis, it will never remain and will cause weak erections. Patients with penile fracture or surgery on the penis may suffer from this particular disease. Two erections are required for an erection to occur. If the touch is not realized and the pulse is bad then penis will not Erect. 1. Start walking regularly According to a study done at Harvard University, a 30-minute walk daily reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction by 41 percent. Exercising regularly and walking also reduces this problem in obese men. 2. Eat the right foods According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, natural foods such as nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and fish, and certain amounts of red meat and refined grains can reduce this risk. This problem also arises due to heavy deficiency of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. This problem is also overcome in adults with daily multivitamins and fortified food. 3. Pay attention to your vascular health as well High blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and high triglycerides damage the arteries of the heart and can also cause heart attacks and strokes. This also results in erectile dysfunction. HDL means lack of good cholesterol and increased obesity are also the reasons for this. See your doctor and know if there is any vascular system affected so that your heart, brain are fine and sex health is maintained. 4. Take care of your size Try to stay lean. If the thickness of the waist reaches 40 inches, then the risk of erectile dysfunction in such men is 50 percent higher than men with 32 inch waist. So keep weight under control. Obesity increases the risk of vascular disorders and diabetes and are the major cause of erectile dysfunction. Excess fats affect men\\\\\\\’s hormones and may also be the root cause of the problem. 5. Exercise If the hips are strong, it helps to bring tightness in the penis and blood flow remains on the same side. During a British trial, biofeedback and lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, losing weight, limiting alcohol consumption, etc., along with three months of daily exercise of the waist and axes, have yielded very good results.

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Submitted by: Alex


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