Metallized BOPP Film Slitter Rewinder Machine, Slitting Machine, BOPP Machine
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We rule the market and different industry by offering Different types of Slitting Machine, High Performance Metallized BOPP Film Slitter Rewinder Machine. Slitter Rewinder Machine Manufacturer, Slitter Machine, Slitting Rewinding Machine. Krishna Engineering Works, specialized in manufacturing Metallized BOPP Film Slitter Rewinder Machine. All our slitter rewinder machines designed with various applications and per client’s requirements. Also, heavy duty slitting rewinding machine for all types of High Barrier Metalized BOPP Film, Metallized BOPP Film with high quality equipment. Most versatile, model providing combination of Duplex Center cum Surface Rewind System. Constantly flawless slit rolls by providing center driver drum to maintain. Fixed minimum distance between slitting and rewind point. Our machine is an ultimate Slitter and Rewinder Machine for its accurate slitting and rewinding qualities. It ensures perfect slitting of rolls with consistent, flawless results and constant line speed. It is available in adaptable model to suit your requirement. Our Slitter Rewinder Machine is available in Rewinder, Duplex surface slitter and Rewinder and Canti lever differential slitter and Rewinder. Our Slitting Rewinding Machine is renowned for its accurate slitting at a higher speed and vibration less working.

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Submitted by: Slitter Rewinder

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